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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make Money Blogging

Ok, maybe time right now there are a variety of programs to generate income from the internet. Some may not believe that the internet can generate income. It sounds easy to make money blogging, but hard fact. If there are programs making money online is too easy for example, you pay RM100, next month could RM1000, that ruse. Or today you make a blog and next week you got money, that ruse.

I personally take up to a year to make money from the internet. I do use blogspot. Make just any blog, and make sure a day can pull up to 1000 visitors. Only then will, you can make money from blogging. That is my experience. I use Nuffnang for bahasa Melayu and English blog in Malaysia. Another good use Google Adsense, but Google Adsense only allows English in the blog.

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